Cat Eyeliner vs Winged: Decoding the Perfect Eye Look

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Cat Eyeliner vs Winged

Eyes, the windows to the soul, deserve to be adorned with perfection. When it comes to eye makeup, the eternal debate of Cat Eyeliner vs Winged takes center stage. Each style has its charm, but which one suits you best? Let’s dive into the nuances of these eye-defining techniques.

Exploring the World of Cat Eyeliner

The Basics:

Creating a feline allure, Cat Eyeliner involves a subtle, upward flick at the outer corners. This timeless style adds a touch of mystery and elegance to your gaze. Mastering the art of Cat Eyeliner requires precision and a steady hand.

Achieving the Look

To achieve the perfect Cat Eyeliner, start by outlining the natural lash line and extend the line slightly beyond the outer corner. Gradually thicken the line towards the outer edges for a subtle, cat-eye effect.

Tips and Tricks

  • Use gel or liquid liners for a sleek finish.
  • Experiment with the thickness of the line to match your desired intensity.
  • Pair Cat Eyeliner with neutral eyeshadows for a classic look.

Unveiling the Charm: Winged Eyeliner

The Basics:

Winged Eyeliner, synonymous with boldness, involves extending the Eyeliner beyond the lash line in an upward direction. This style creates a dramatic and captivating appearance, making it a favorite for special occasions.

Mastering the Technique

To master the Winged Eyeliner technique, draw a line along the lash line from the inner to the outer corner of your eye. Then, extend the line upwards and outwards, creating a winged effect.

Insider’s Tip

  • Use pencil eyeliners for a softer wing and liquid eyeliners for a sharp, defined wing.
  • Experiment with different wing lengths to find the most flattering look for your eye shape.
  • Complement Winged Eyeliner with bold eyeshadow colors for added impact.


Cat Eyeliner

Winged Eyeliner


Typically follows the natural curve of the eye.

Extends into a pointed wing at the outer corner.


Can be bold or subtle, depending on thickness and application.

Often creates a more dramatic and defined look due to the winged extension.

Application Difficulty

Generally easier for beginners as it follows the natural eye shape.

May require more precision and practice to achieve a symmetrical wing.


Versatile; suitable for various eye shapes and sizes.

May be more challenging for certain eye shapes, but adaptable with practice.


Suitable for both casual and formal occasions.

Often chosen for more glamorous or special events due to its dramatic effect.

Eyeliner Types

Can be achieved with pencil, gel, or liquid eyeliner.

Often associated with liquid or gel eyeliner for sharp lines and precise wings.

Popular Styles

Soft cat-eye, kitten flick, bold cat-eye.

Classic wing, dramatic wing, double-wing.

Time Required

Generally quicker to apply compared to winged eyeliner.

May take a bit more time, especially when mastering the winged flick.

Face Shapes

Flattering for various face shapes.

Can complement and elongate the eyes, enhancing almond-shaped or downturned eyes.


Easier to fix and adjust if mistakes are made.

Requires more precision and patience for symmetry; mistakes may need more time to correct.

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Pros and Cons: Cat Eye vs Winged Eyeliner

Cat Eyeliner


  • Versatility
  • Flattering
  • Suitable for Various Eye Shapes


Precision Required
Not Always Suitable for Everyday Wear

Winged Eyeliner


  • Easier to Master
  • Quick Application
  • Can Be Adapted


May Not Suit All Eye Shapes
Less Dramatic
Limited Styles

Cat Eyeliner vs Winged: Choosing Your Signature Style

Factors to Consider

Choosing between Cat Eyeliner and Winged Eyeliner boils down to personal style, occasion, and eye shape. Let’s examine the variables that may affect your choice.

Eye Shape Matters

Different eye shapes complement various eyeliner styles. While Cat Eyeliner suits round eyes, Winged Eyeliner enhances the beauty of almond-shaped eyes.

Occasion-Driven Choices

Cat Eyeliner exudes sophistication for everyday wear, while Winged Eyeliner steals the show for glamorous events. Consider the occasion to make the right choice.

Personal Expression

Your eyeliner style is a form of self-expression. Accept the look that makes you feel more confident and in line with your personality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I combine Cat Eyeliner and Winged Eyeliner?

Absolutely! Combining both styles can create a unique and striking look, blending elegance with drama.

How to prevent smudging with Cat Eyeliner?

To prevent smudging, set your Cat Eyeliner with a matching eyeshadow or use a waterproof eyeliner for long-lasting perfection.

Is Winged Eyeliner suitable for every eye shape?

Winged Eyeliner is versatile and can be adapted to suit various eye shapes. Adjust the length and angle to enhance your natural eye contours.

Can beginners master these techniques?

Yes, with practice and patience, anyone can master both Cat Eyeliner and Winged Eyeliner. Start with small strokes and gradually build confidence.

Are there specific products recommended for each style?

While gel and liquid liners work well for Cat Eyeliner, pencil liners offer flexibility for Winged Eyeliner. Experiment with different products to find your preferences.

How do you remove Cat Eyeliner and Winged Eyeliner easily?

Cat eyeliner and winged eyeliner can be easily removed with a cotton pad and a mild makeup remover or micellar water.


In Cat Eyeliner vs Winged, the choice is yours to make. Whether you lean towards the subtle allure of Cat Eyeliner or the bold drama of Winged Eyeliner, embrace the opportunity to express your unique style. With the ideal eyeliner method for any event, you may draw attention to yourself and make a memorable impression.

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