What Are Face Frame Highlights?

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What Are Face Frame Highlights

Certain styles endure over time in the hairstyling industry while others come and go. Face frame highlights are a trend that has taken the haircare world by storm. Let’s delve into the intricacies of this technique, exploring its definition, application, and everything you need to know to decide if it’s the right style for you.


Definition of Face Frame Highlights

Face frame highlights refer to a specific hair coloring technique where lighter shades are strategically placed around the face, framing it like a picturesque masterpiece. This technique accentuates facial features, adding depth and dimension to your overall look.

Importance of Face Frame Highlights in Hair Styling

Why are face frame highlights gaining popularity? Their ability to accentuate your inherent beauty holds the key to the solution. These highlights provide a subtle yet impactful transformation, drawing attention to your face and creating a radiant, sun-kissed effect.

How Face Frame Highlights Work

Coloring Technique

Face frame highlights utilize a freehand coloring technique, commonly known as balayage. Unlike traditional foiling methods, balayage allows for a more natural and blended look, resembling the sun’s gentle touch on your hair.

Placement of Highlights

The key to successful face frame highlights lies in strategic placement. Hair stylists carefully choose sections near the face, ensuring the highlights complement your unique facial structure.

Popular Face Frame Highlight Styles


The term “balayage,” which comes from the French word “to sweep,” refers to the technique of hand-painting highlights on hair. This creates a soft, natural gradient for those seeking an effortless, lived-in look.


Babylights are fine, delicate highlights that mimic the natural hair color of children. These tiny highlights add a touch of brightness and dimension, particularly effective around the face.

Money Piece

The money piece trend involves framing the face with a more pronounced, bold highlight. This method highlights the main characteristics of your face and adds a little drama.

Peekaboo Highlights

For those who prefer a playful element, peekaboo highlights involve strategically placing lighter shades underneath the top layer of hair, creating a subtle surprise when the hair moves.

Suitable Hair Types for Face Frame Highlights

Straight Hair

Face frame highlights work wonders on straight hair, providing a soft contrast and emphasizing the sleekness of the strands.

Wavy Hair

The natural movement of wavy hair enhances the effect of face frame highlights, creating a dynamic and textured appearance.

Curly Hair

Even with curls, face frame highlights can be tailored to accentuate your curls’ patterns, adding a touch of sophistication to your overall look.

Face Shapes and Matching Highlights

Round Faces

Gentle highlights that elongate the face are ideal for round face shapes, creating the illusion of a more oval silhouette.

Oval Faces

Oval faces can experiment with various highlight styles because their balanced proportions accommodate different techniques.

Square Faces

Softening angular features with strategically placed highlights help soften the overall look of square faces.

Heart-Shaped Faces

Face frame highlights can balance the wider forehead of heart-shaped faces, drawing attention downward for a harmonious appearance.

DIY Face Frame Highlights

Necessary Tools and Products

Embarking on a DIY face frame highlighting the journey requires a few essentials, including a quality balayage kit, gloves, and a reliable mirror.

Step-by-Step Guide

You can achieve salon-worthy face frame highlights at home with a step-by-step guide. Remember to section your hair, apply the color strategically, and blend for a seamless finish.

Maintenance and Care Tips

Proper Haircare Routine

Maintaining the vibrancy of face frame highlights involves a dedicated haircare routine, including color-safe shampoo, conditioner, and occasional deep conditioning treatments.

Touch-Up Recommendations

To keep your face frame highlights looking fresh, schedule regular touch-ups every 8-12 weeks, depending on your hair growth and desired maintenance level.

Face Frame Highlights vs. Traditional Highlights

Key Differences

While traditional highlights aim for an all-over lightening effect, face frame highlights focus on specific areas, providing a more personalized and face-enhancing result.

Pros and Cons

Examining the benefits and possible downsides enables people to make well-informed decisions according to their interests and lifestyles.

Celebrities Rocking Face Frame Highlights

Iconic Examples

Celebrities often set trends, and face frame highlights are no exception. Explore how your favorite stars have embraced this transformative hair trend.

Face Frame Highlights Trends

Current Trends

Discover the latest innovations and variations in face frame highlights, keeping you on the cutting edge of hairstyling fashion.

Future Predictions

What does the future hold for face frame highlights? Predictions point toward continued evolution and creativity in this dynamic coloring technique.


Recap of Face Frame Highlights

In summary, face frame highlights offer a customizable and flattering way to illuminate your features, creating a personalized touch to your hairstyle.

Encouragement to Try the Trend

If you’ve been contemplating a change, face frame highlights could be the perfect way to refresh your look. Get advice from a qualified stylist to find the ideal strategy for your special features.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of face frame highlights?

Face frame highlights add depth and dimension to your hair, accentuating your facial features and providing a youthful, sun-kissed appearance.

Can anyone get face frame highlights?

Yes, Face frame highlights are adaptable and may be made to fit different face shapes, hair textures, and hair kinds.

How often should face frame highlights be retouched?

For optimal maintenance, consider touch-ups every 8-12 weeks, adjusting based on your hair growth and desired level of maintenance.

Will face frame highlights damage my hair?

When done by a professional and with proper care, face frame highlights shouldn’t cause significant damage. Ensure you follow a dedicated haircare routine to maintain health.

Can I change the color of my face frame highlights?

Yes, the color of the face frame highlights can be adjusted to suit your preferences. Consult with a stylist for personalized advice on color changes.

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