Where to Put Highlighter on a Mature Face?

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Where to Put Highlighter on a Mature Face

Aging is a beautiful journey that comes with its own set of unique considerations, especially when it comes to makeup application. One of the key elements in achieving a radiant look for mature skin is the strategic placement of highlighter. In this guide, we’ll explore the nuances of highlighting on an adult face, from understanding the changes in skin texture to expert tips on product selection and application techniques.

Understanding Mature Skin

Changes in Skin Texture

Our skin undergoes various changes as we age, including a reduction in collagen and elasticity. Understanding these shifts is crucial for effective makeup application.

Common Concerns

Mature skin often presents common concerns such as fine lines, wrinkles, and a potential loss of natural radiance. Highlighter can be a game-changer in addressing these issues.

Choosing the Right Highlighter

Cream vs. Powder

Choosing between cream and powder highlighters can impact the final result.We’ll examine the benefits and drawbacks of each to assist you in making a wise choice.

Consideration for Mature Skin Tones

Different skin tones require different highlighter shades. Discover the hues that complement mature skin tones, enhancing rather than overpowering.

Prep Your Skin

Hydration is Key

Skin that is well-hydrated becomes the ideal makeup canvas. Learn about the importance of hydration in achieving a flawless highlighter application.

Primer Application

A suitable primer can make a significant difference. Explore how to choose and apply a primer ideal for mature skin.

Step-by-Step Guide: Where to Put Highlighter on a Mature Face

Now, let’s get hands-on. We’ll go through a detailed guide on where to apply highlighter for a mature face. From the forehead to the collarbone, each step will be outlined to ensure you achieve a balanced and radiant look.


Highlighting the forehead can create a lifting effect, drawing attention to the center of the face.


Accentuating the cheekbones adds definition and a touch of glamour. We’ll guide you on finding the perfect placement.

Under the Brow Bone

This step opens the eyes and provides a subtle lift, contributing to a youthful appearance.

Cupid’s Bow

Enhancing the cupid’s bow can create the illusion of fuller lips, adding a touch of sensuality.

Nose Bridge

A delicate touch on the nose bridge can bring symmetry and brightness to the entire face.


Highlighting the temples contributes to an overall radiant and harmonious look.


Applying a highlighter along the jawline can define the face and add a hint of elegance.


For a finishing touch, we’ll explore the art of highlighting the collarbone, perfect for special occasions.

Blending Tips

Gentle Strokes

Discover the importance of gentle blending strokes for a seamless and natural-looking finish.

Utilizing Makeup Sponges

Makeup sponges can be your best friend in achieving a flawless blend. Learn the tricks of the trade for optimal sponge usage.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

Overusing Product

Avoid the common pitfall of overusing highlighter. Strike the right balance for a radiant but not overwhelming glow.

Wrong Shade Selection

Choosing the wrong shade can be a makeup disaster. Uncover the secrets to selecting the perfect highlighter shade for your mature skin.

Celebrity Inspiration

Examples of Well-Highlighted Mature Faces

Draw inspiration from celebrities who gracefully embrace their age with perfectly highlighted features.

Day vs. Night Looks

Subtle Daytime Glow

Explore tips for achieving a subtle and natural daytime glow suitable for various occasions.

Glamorous Nighttime Radiance

Transform your look for the evening with glamorous nighttime highlighting techniques.

Affordable Highlighters for Mature Skin

Drugstore Finds

Discover budget-friendly highlighters available at your local drugstore that deliver impressive results.

Budget-Friendly Options

Explore affordable options that prove you don’t need to break the bank for a radiant glow.

Tips for Long-Lasting Results

Setting Spray

Lock in your highlighter for all-day radiance with the right setting spray.

Touch-Up Techniques

Learn how to touch up your highlighter throughout the day without compromising your overall makeup.

Embracing Natural Beauty

Acceptance and Confidence

Beauty transcends age. Embrace your natural beauty and gain confidence through makeup that enhances, not masks.

The Power of Makeup

Understand the transformative power of makeup in boosting self-esteem and celebrating individuality.

Reader Testimonials

Real Experiences with Highlighter Placement

Read real stories from readers who have successfully incorporated highlighter into their makeup routine.

Expert Advice

Insights from Makeup Artists

Gain valuable insights from makeup artists on the best practices for highlighting mature skin.

Dermatologist Recommendations

Explore dermatologist-approved recommendations for highlighter usage on mature skin.


In conclusion, mastering the art of highlighting on mature skin involves understanding your unique skin concerns, choosing the right products, and employing strategic application techniques. At any age, you can enhance your inherent beauty and exude confidence if you have the right information and resources.


Can I use the same highlighter I used in my 20s on mature skin?

While you can still use your favorite highlighter, consider using cream formulas that provide a more subtle and dewy finish on mature skin.

How can I prevent highlighter from settling into fine lines?

Applying a good primer and using gentle blending techniques can help minimize the settling of highlighter into fine lines.

Are there specific shades that work best for mature skin tones?

Warm tones like peach and champagne generally work well for mature skin, providing a natural and youthful glow.

Should I prioritize skincare over makeup for mature skin?

Both are important! A good skincare routine lays the foundation, and makeup enhances your features, striking a perfect balance.

Can I use highlighter for a natural look, or is it always glamorous?

Absolutely! Subtle highlighter application can create a natural, radiant look suitable for everyday wear.

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