Outdoor Voices vs Girlfriend Collective

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outdoor voices vs girlfriend collective

When it comes to choosing activewear brands, the options seem endless. However, two names consistently rising to the top are Outdoor Voices and Girlfriend Collective. Both brands offer stylish and functional activewear, but their unique features set them apart. This comprehensive comparison will dive deep into Outdoor Voices vs Girlfriend Collective. Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast or enjoy comfortable athleisure wear, this article will help you make an informed decision.

Outdoor Voices: Embrace the Joy of Movement

Outdoor Voices, founded in 2013 by Ty Haney, has significantly impacted the activewear industry. This brand celebrates the joy of movement rather than adhering to strict performance metrics. Their pieces are designed to encourage people of all fitness levels to get active and have fun. Outdoor Voices provides a refreshing approach to activewear with its wide variety of vibrant colors and comfortable fabrics.

Girlfriend Collective: Ethical Activewear with a Modern Twist

On the other hand, Girlfriend Collective entered the scene with a strong focus on sustainability and inclusivity. Founded by Ellie and Quang Dinh, this brand gained popularity for its commitment to producing activewear from recycled materials, making it a go-to choice for eco-conscious consumers.

Girlfriend Collective vs Outdoor Voices: A Comparison


Outdoor Voices 

Girlfriend Collective

Style Diversity

Vibrant colors and mix-and-match options

Versatile styles with a focus on modern aesthetics

Approach to Fitness

Recreational and joyful movement

Eco-conscious and sustainability-driven approach

Sustainability Efforts

Use of eco-friendly materials and recycling programs

Use of recycled materials and transparent processes

Size Inclusivity

Offers a wide range of sizes for all body types

Strong emphasis on size inclusivity

Pros & Cons

Girlfriend Collective


  • Sustainability Champion
  • Inclusive Sizing
  • Process Transparency


  • Neutral Color Palette:
  • Limited Print Selection

Outdoor Voices


  • Diverse color palette
  • Versatility
  • Encourages community engagement
  • Recreational Approach
  • Mix-and-Match styling


  • Limited Performance Gear
  • Higher Price Point

Making Your Decision

When choosing between Outdoor Voices and Girlfriend Collective, consider your priorities. If you’re looking for activewear that celebrates movement and offers a wide array of colors, Outdoor Voices might be your choice. On the other hand, if you’re committed to supporting brands that prioritize sustainability and inclusivity, Girlfriend Collective is likely to resonate with you. Both brands have their strengths, so it ultimately depends on your preferences and values.


  • Q: Which brand is more environmentally conscious?
    • Both brands prioritize sustainability, but Girlfriend Collective is known for using recycled materials and transparency in its processes.
  • Q: Are Outdoor Voices’ clothes suitable for intense workouts?
    • Yes, Outdoor Voices’ activewear is designed to be versatile, making it suitable for both casual wear and moderate workouts.
  • Q: Does Girlfriend Collective offer plus sizes?
    • Yes, Girlfriend Collective offers a wide range of sizes to ensure inclusivity.
  • Q: How does Outdoor Voices promote a recreational approach to fitness?
    • Outdoor Voices encourages people to embrace physical activity without the pressure of intense performance goals.
  • Q: Are these brands only for women?
    • Outdoor Voices and Girlfriend Collective offer activewear options for all genders.


Outdoor Voices and Girlfriend Collective shine brightly in activewear with their unique approaches and features. While Outdoor Voices celebrates the joy of movement and self-expression, Girlfriend Collective leads the charge in sustainability and size inclusivity. As you decide between these two exceptional brands, consider what matters most to you – whether it’s embracing movement with a splash of color or supporting eco-conscious practices. Either way, you’re choosing to align with your values and lifestyle.

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