What To Do With Old Lingerie: Brilliant Ways to Recycle

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where to recycle old underwear

Are you tired of accumulating old and worn-out underwear and bras in your closet but don’t know what to do with them? You are not alone. Most people will encounter this difficulty at some point in their life. The news is that several options are available to repurpose your old underwear and bras instead of throwing them away. In this article, we will explore 15 sustainable and creative solutions that will help you to reduce waste and save money.

Why You Should Not Throw Away Old Underwear and Bras

Before we delve into the solutions, it is essential to understand why you should not throw away old underwear and bras in the first place. The textile industry is the biggest polluting industry on the planet, significantly impacting the environment. Discarding a piece of clothes adds to the overflowing landfills that take years to decompose.
Moreover, most underwear and bras are made of synthetic materials that release harmful chemicals into the environment during decomposition. By finding alternative solutions for your old underwear and bras, you can help reduce waste and protect the environment.

15 Creative Solutions to Recycle Old Underwear:

Donate to Charity: 

You can donate gently used bras and underwear to charity organizations that accept them. Many organizations distribute these items to women in need or recycle them to raise funds for charitable causes.

 Upcycle into Cleaning Rags: 

Cut your old bras and underwear into cleaning rags. These rags can be used for cleaning floors, cars, or any other dirty surface. This is a great method to repurpose old underwear while also reducing waste.

 Create Pet Toys:

 If you have pets, you can use your old bras and underwear to create toys for them. Cut them into strips and tie them into knots to create chew toys. Your pets will adore these, and you will be decreasing waste simultaneously.

 Make a Braided Rug: 

Cut your old bras and underwear into strips and braid them together to create a rug. 

 Use as Packing Material: 

You can use your old bras and underwear as packing material while shipping fragile items. Cut them into little pieces and stuff them between the items to protect them during transportation.

 Create Artwork: 

Use your old bras and underwear to create artwork. You can cut them up into shapes and glue them on a canvas to make a one-of-a-kind work of art.


If your bra or underwear is made of natural fibers, you can compost it. Add them to your compost pile after you’ve chopped them up. They decompose naturally and add nutrients to the soil.

 Donate to Textile Recycling Programs: 

Many textile recycling programs accept bras and underwear for recycling. These items are usually recycled into insulation, carpet padding, or other textile products.

 Use as Hair Ties: 

Cut up your old underwear elastic bands and use them as hair ties. They are strong, durable, and will hold your hair in place.

 Make a Bra Purse: 

Use your old bras to create a stylish, unique purse. Cut off the straps and sew the cups together to create a pocket. You can then personalize it and add a strap as desired.

 Create a Bralette: 

Use your old bras to create a trendy bralette. Cut off the straps and sew the cups together to create a new piece of lingerie. You can then personalize it and add more straps as desired.

 Make a Braided Headband: 

Cut your old bras and underwear into strips and braid them together to create a unique, eco-friendly headband. This is an excellent accessory for yoga or any other workout.

 Turn into a Water Bottle Holder: 

Create a bottle holder with your old bras. Cut off the straps and sew the cups together, leaving a hole at the bottom. You can then slide a water bottle through the hole and use the straps to carry it around.

 Create a DIY Face Mask: 

Use your old underwear to create a DIY face mask. Cut out a rectangular piece of fabric; sew the sides together after folding it in half. You can then add elastic bands to the sides to create ear loops.

 Use as a Shoe Deodorizer: 

Fill your old bras with baking soda and tie them up to create a shoe deodorizer. This is a terrific method for keeping your shoes smelling fresh and clean.


In conclusion, many sustainable and creative solutions exist for old underwear and bras. Instead of tossing them away, consider donating them to charity. Upcycle them into cleaning rags, create pet toys, make a braided rug, use them as packing material, create artwork, compost them, donate them to textile recycling programs, use them as hair ties, make a bra purse, create a bralette, make a braided headband, turn into a water bottle holder, create a DIY face mask, or use as a shoe deodorizer. By finding new uses for your old undergarments, You can decrease waste, save money, and help the environment simultaneously.

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