Best Concealed Carry Hoodie: Your Ultimate Guide

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Best Concealed Carry Hoodie

The Rise of Concealed Carry Hoodies

In recent years, concealed carry hoodies have gained immense popularity among gun owners for several reasons. These specially designed hoodies provide a discreet and comfortable way to carry firearms, making them an excellent choice for people of all genders. With advancements in fabric technology and innovative designs, concealed carry hoodies have evolved to offer functionality, style, and practicality.

Top Concealed Carry Hoodies in 2024

Now that we’ve covered the fundamental elements, let’s dive into some of the best concealed carry hoodies available in 2023. We have chosen these hoodies based on their popularity, features, and positive feedback from users:

2.1. TacticalGear Pro EDC Hoodie

The TacticalGear Pro EDC Hoodie is a top choice for concealed carriers, prioritizing comfort and versatility. This hoodie is made from high-quality cotton and polyester, providing a soft feel and excellent durability. It features a discreet internal pocket designed to accommodate various firearm sizes, and its reinforced stitching ensures a secure hold. The TacticalGear Pro EDC Hoodie also includes a built-in holster with adjustable retention, allowing for a smooth draw when needed.

2.2. Defender Wear Tactical Hoodie

The Defender Wear Tactical Hoodie is an excellent option for those seeking a sleek, low-profile concealed carry solution. Its lightweight, moisture-wicking fabric keeps you comfortable throughout the day. The hoodie incorporates an ambidextrous concealed carry pocket that can fit most compact and subcompact handguns. The holster pocket is padded to prevent printing and enhance comfort during all-day wear.

2.3. UrbanGuard Ultimate Concealed Carry Hoodie

The UrbanGuard Ultimate Concealed Carry Hoodie offers a wide range of features for the discerning concealed carrier. This hoodie is designed with discreet magnetic closures, allowing quick and silent access to your firearm. Its breathable and stretchable fabric ensures comfort, while the adjustable holster accommodates different gun sizes. The UrbanGuard hoodie includes extra pockets for magazines or other EDC items.

How to Properly Conceal Carry with a Hoodie

Carrying a firearm with a concealed carry hoodie requires responsible and safe practices. Here are some essential tips on how to properly conceal carry with a hoodie:

3.1. Invest in a High-Quality Holster: A well-designed and secure holster is the foundation of safe concealed carry. Ensure that your concealed carry hoodie has a dedicated pocket or holster system that securely holds your firearm.

3.2. Practice Drawing and Reholstering: Regularly practice drawing and reholstering your firearm with your concealed carry hoodie. This helps build muscle memory and ensures you can react swiftly and efficiently in an emergency.

3.3. Avoid Printing: Be conscious of how your concealed carry hoodie conceals your firearm. Adjust the position of your weapon if necessary to avoid printing, which is when the outline of the gun is visible through the fabric.

3.4. Concealed Carry Training: Consider undergoing concealed carry training to develop essential skills and knowledge for responsible firearm carry and use. Proper training can significantly enhance your ability to handle self-defense situations effectively.


In conclusion, a concealed carry hoodie can be an invaluable addition to your everyday carry setup, providing a discreet and comfortable way to carry your firearm. When choosing the best concealed carry hoodie, prioritize comfort, fit, concealment features, and accessibility. Invest in a high-quality holster and practice responsible concealed carry techniques regularly.

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